CGI- Computer Generated Image


A computer generated image (CGI) is an image that has been taken from one format such as a CAD file and converted using computer software tools that manipulate lighting and reflections to create a photorealistic image. These tools can also create exploded and multiple views and allow you to see your product in a variety of finishes and materials before you take it to production.

In addition, CGI images can be combined with other images. This is a great advantage for manufacturers and inventors of products. Let's say you design an aftermarket product for the ever expanding truck market. Instead of physically building a prototype of your product and placing it on a truck to see how it will look, you can have your CAD file converted to CGI and then digitally applied to an image of the truck. This will save you time and money.

By creating a photorealistic image from your CAD files you can have a better idea how your product will look before it is taken into production. It is a lot easier to make changes to a computer file than it is to a mold.

The images are so realistic they can be used for multiple applications. Use the images for focus groups. Get public exposure and input before you commit to production. Use CGI's in marketing materials, "new" product announcements, your Web site, press releases, catalogs, posters, banners....

The possibilities are endless. But finding skilled people to perform this service is not. The software used to create computer generated images is complicated and expensive. In addition to being a good technician you also have to be an artist and understand lighting and reflection and that is what you will find at the Sketch Farm.

Please view the samples below and call us for additional information and a quote for your project.

mages from Your CAD Fil
Wire Frame

Shaded Outline

As Cast Aluminum Finish

Darker Aluminum Finish

Chrome Finish with Shadows
Steel Finish with Shadows

Animation of Wire Frame - 360 Degrees Rotation

Dual Finishes - Hi Gloss/On Shiny Surface

Dual Finishes - Hi Gloss/On Shiny Surface

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