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Featured SEMA Member:

PML Inc.
201 West Beach Ave.
Ingelwood, CA 90302

PML Inc. is a manufacturer of custom sand-cast valve covers, transmission pans and differential covers. All designs created using 3D computer modeling and precision measurement techniques.

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Project Vehicle Design Illustration

8.5" x 11" includes digital scan
and digital file
Including Color specs for your painter.

An exhibitor? a buyer? a wholesaler? a manufacture? or a visitor?
This is YOUR true bottom line...

The 2002 SEMA Show was all about numbers:

• 770,000+ Square Feet
• 88,000+ Visitors
• 7700 Show Booth Space
• 1500 Exhibiting Companies
• 1500+ Project Vehicles
• 900 New Products
• 460+ New Exhibitors
• 12 Participating OEMs
ONE Opportunity for you to stand out!
• Next year will be bigger then ever!!!


• • • SEMA SHOW - YOUR "TO DO" LIST • • •
  General Suggestions for Successful Preparation-
  An effective presentation is a combination of good advanced planning, time management and knowledgeable resources. We can help you all on fronts. As a part of our service to you, we provide general guidelines and a "Check" List for you to follow that includes all the necessary elements to help your company experience a successful show.

"Time management"- There are three phases to the show itself.
In reality the 2003 SEMA Show preparation started at the last SEMA Show.

"Pre-Show" - is prep time.  
"SEMA Show"- is show time.  
"Post-Show" - is follow-up time.  


•  "Getting Attention"- Don't wait until the show or until your project vehicle is done to do that. Send press releases soon, so you can secure your spot in a publication released at the time of the show.
•  Use Automotive Illustrations to present your project vehicle long before it is even finished. Use it for your press releases, printed ads and printed material for the show. Illustrations have more impact than traditional photos. It adds an impressive element in your presentation.
•  Meet with your design team to develop a detailed plan on all your design needs for the show. Allow proper time to develop solid designs and allow time for printers, shipping companies and other outside sources to deliver.
•  Your presentation at the show should be unified and consistent. From your printed materials to the colors on your products and project vehicle- make sure all these elements project the same message. Make sure your design and colors make you stand out.
•  For a successful presentation, use well qualified design professionals that know your market. It is best to deal with one design team to generate one design theme.
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  Your "TO DO" List-
An outline of all the important elements in your presentation.
  •  Your Product-
As an aftermarket company, your product is most likely a reselling product, technical upgrade product or a functional product. Each one of these categories represents a different buyers market segment. It has its' own unique image and its' own unique appeal. It is important that the product is presented in a clear, supporting way to maximize its' selling capabilities. We offer full R&D service to help you identify this market appeal. "One size fits all' does not work for this market- it only takes away from your products' uniqueness. From ideas for new products to model making (prototypes) and stylizing your product, our team can help you produce unique and innovative products that stand out among the crowd.

  Ask yourself the following-
 Is my product getting attention?
 Could it be improved?
 How is it presented?
 Is the packaging eye catching?
 Is it self explanatory?
 Are the colors used current or dated looking?
 How can The Sketch Farm help me improve my product?

Check our Transportation Design Section for OEM and SEMA concepts
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  •  Your Project vehicle-
Choose the type and brand of vehicle carefully. The automotive industry shifts regularly with the vehicles that are "in". There are many predictions on "the next hot thing". Check the market, the predictions and follow your hunch. Do you have a clear statement you would like to make with the vehicle? Define the image you want to establish. Control it with the choice of products you put on it, the color scheme (with or without custom graphics) and the way you present it (you printed materials, your choice of publication for press releases and your booth design). Project vehicles presented by OEMs are carefully planned to generate an image for a specific market segment. Follow that same philosophy with your vehicle. If it works for the OEMs - it will work for you.

  Ask yourself the following-
 What is the theme for my vehicle?
 Does the vehicle brand and model fit the theme?
 Is the vehicle current with trends and near future trends ?
 How do I define and develop this theme?
 What type of accessories and products should I use?
 Are the accessories and products supporting this theme?
 What type of graphics should I use? if any?
 How else can I improve my vehicle? what supporting elements can I add?
 How can The Sketch Farm help me with developing my project vehicle?

Check our Transportation Design Section for sample vehicles
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  •  Your Company-
Small or large, your company should have a well defined brand (image), a clear message and a bold look. This is a competitive industry. Keep that in mind when you make all your design decisions. Always ask yourself what your competition is doing and what you can do better. There are many elements that help you create that extra edge over your competitors. Do you have designers that know the industry, that understand your needs?

  Ask yourself the following-
 Do I have a solid defined brand? What is my image?
 Does my brand represent me properly? Is it current with the times?
 How do I rate compared to my competitors-Do I know who my competitors are?
 What are the competitors doing that I'm not?
 Do I really understand the way the industry is moving? Can I predict the "next move"?
 How do I get ready for the "next move"?
 How can The Sketch Farm help me develop the edge I need?

Check our Graphics Design Section for more information
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  •  You-
All the employees and reps are a part of your support group at the show. Plan ahead what the goals and the roles are of each individual. A detailed schedule of events is always helpful. When planning the schedule, plan a diverse spread of your team in different events, rooms and activities. Invest in company shirts - advertising your brand. Remember, you have only few days to generate maximum impact. Get creative- even if you can't afford to have shirts made this year, if you have a computer and a printer, we can show you inexpensive, yet professional, alternatives.

  Ask yourself the following-
 What are my goals, months before the show? right before the show? at the show? and right after?
 How can I prepare for it now? "Pre-show planning"- what does it mean?
 How many people do I need at the show? Do they all have a define purpose? (for the show not in life:)
 What do I equip my reps with?
 Time management at the show- do I have a "to do" list for each individual?
 How can I prepare for the "Post-show" follow-ups? what can I do now?
 How can The Sketch Farm help me?

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  •  Your Printed Material-
From informative brochures to promotional giveaways, a consistent theme and message with your product is important. Remember the amount of printed materials you came back from the show with? Few days later, in your office, which company stood out? why? Do you want to be that company? Make your printed material as effective, informative and most important - memorable as possible. The cost of printing decreased significantly in recent years, it is more affordable than ever. Don't cut corners where it might hurt later.

  Ask yourself the following-
 Do I have a good I idea what to put on paper?
 Do I have all the information I need?
 Does my print tell it like it is? How much guessing is left?
 Am I clear with the image/brand I want to project?
 How do I improve on my current image?
 Do I stand out in the crowd? Is it enough?
 How else can the printed material be helpful?
 What other elements can The Sketch Farm add to my printed materials?

Check our Graphics Design Section for more information
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  •  Your Booth-
Make your booth support your message. Choose colors, backdrops, lighting, furniture, banners and other props to compliment your product and/or vehicle. Make sure your booth has a smooth flow to it. It should be inviting, informative and memorable.

  Ask yourself the following-
 Is my booth big enough? Is the location good? Can I afford to pay the L.V. Union their extortion fees?
 Will my booth do justice to my image? my company? my product?
 How can I stand out at the show?
 Is my booth setup ideal for my booth location?
 What do leading companies and my competitors do better?
 What are the affordable ways to improve my booth?
 Can The Sketch Farm develop a booth design to improve my image?

Check our Graphics Design Section for Trade Design Samples
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